Netflix’s high- stakes crime suspenser series Money Heist( known as La Casa de Papel in its native Spain) follows a group of stealers who all use megacity law names. Over the course of plutocrat pinch’s 5 seasons and two ambitious grabs, the masked stealers’ real names and backstories have been revealed one by one, from the hotheaded Tokyo to felonious architect the Professor.

Created by Álex Pina, Money Heist firstly ran on Antena 3 in Spain, where it started with a strong viewership that steadily declined over the course of season 1. After being added to Netflix’s library( with season 1 split into two corridor) the series endured a massive swell in fashionability, attracting a worldwide followership of suckers. plutocrat pinch was renewed for two further seasons( resolve into three corridor) by Netflix, with a bigger budget and a new target for the gang the Bank of Spain in Madrid.
After several of plutocrat pinch’s megacity- named stealers were killed off during season 1, the Professor brought on new gift in plutocrat pinch’s posterior seasons, including Berlin’s close friend Palermo, outside driver Marseille, and expert welder Bogotá. Over the course of plutocrat pinch’s five corridor, plenitude of characters with rich backstories are introduced and developed. Then is every purloiner in the plutocrat pinch cast, including their real names and each known backstory.

The Professor – Money Heist

money heist professor

The outwardly cerebral and socially awkward Professor( Álvaro Morte) is the last person anyone would suspect of masterminding a pinch. Sergio also went by the alias Salva Martín in Money Heist season 1, when he was trying to get close to the lead pinch moderator, Raquel Murillo. tormented with illness, Sergio spent utmost of his nonage in a sanitarium bed. His mama failed of a degenerative complaint called Helmer’s myopathy, and his father was killed during an tried bank thievery. This backstory is where Money Heist’s Professor developed his motive Sergio also spent the rest of his life enriching a plan for the perfect pinch that his father had pictured up laying siege to the Royal Mint and publishing his own plutocrat, so that technically he’d be stealing from no bone and harming no bone. After the success of this original pinch, the Professor goes on to plan the advanced- stakes Bank of Spain job in plutocrat pinch seasons 2 and 3, in which he also comes out on top in the end.

Tokyo – Money Heist

money heist tokyo

An incorrigible exhilaration candidate, Tokyo( Úrsula Corberó) suffered the woeful loss of the love of her life when he was shot dead during their thievery of an armored truck. Unfortunately, her story does not end any lower tragically, as plutocrat pinch season 5 kills Toyko off in a shocking moment from occasion 5 in which she sacrifices herself to save Denver and Manila. Little is known about Tokyo’s nonage, but her mama took part in a sting operation in the expedients that she’d be brought in unscathed by the police. The Professor interposed, telling Tokyo that the bobbies planned to shoot her on sight. Tokyo’s mama also failed during the medication for the Royal Mint pinch. Hotheaded and enterprising, Tokyo has a tendency to be a ticking time lemon during thieveries, which is also what makes her one of the most compelling plutocrat Heist characters.

Berlin – Money Heist

money heist berlin

A debonair jewel pincher, it’s revealed before Berlin’s death in plutocrat pinch season 1 part 2 that the charaacter, played by Pedro Alonso, is actually the Professor’s aged family. Like their mama , he suffers from Helmer’s myopathy. He uses medicines to control the pain and temblors, but the complaint has left him with simply three times left to live. rather of despairing at his fate, Berlin chooses to live like a man with nothing to lose, chasing thrills and riches. He has been married five times, with his fifth woman
being a pincher called Tatiana( Diana Gómez). Berlin is one of a many of the plutocrat pinch season 1 characters who noway makes it to the after seasons.

Nairobi – Money Heist

money heist nairobi

The shock of Nairobi’s plutocrat pinch season 4 death is nearly as great as Tokyo’s. A former medicine dealer and expert forger, Nairobi'( Alba Flores) backstory is concentrated on how she lost guardianship of her son, Axel, when he was three times old. After Nairobi left him alone for a many twinkles to go and collect some capsules, Axel went onto the deck to call for her. The police were called and Nairobi’s store was discovered, leading to her being transferred to captivity and Axel being put into the foster system. In plutocrat pinch season 1 Nairobi’s plan is to get rich and also take Axel back, but she latterly accepts that he is better off in his new home and sets her sights on getting a mama for a alternate time, so that she can do effects right. sorely, Nairobi’s alternate chance is cut short when she’s fatally shot in the head in plutocrat pinch season 4.

Rio – Money Heist

money heist rio

One of the great love stories in plutocrat pinch is Rio and Tokyo’s. The youthful member of the platoon, Rio( Miguel Herrán) was still a teenager during the Royal Mint pinch. He is a professed hacker who got started in the world of crime committing cyber attacks, and was signed by the Professor for his gift with computers. Rio comes from a loving family, and his parents believed he was simply playing videotape games up in his room, ignorant of what he was really doing. After joining the gang, Rio falls in love with Tokyo and the two begin a relationship- indeed though it breaks the Professor’s first rule. Throughout plutocrat pinch’s 5 seasons, Rio and Tokyo continue their love story until the ultimate is killed, before which she and Rio partake a tearful farewell. Rio is one of many original gang members to survive all the way until the successful completion of the Bank of Spain pinch.

Moscow – Money Heist

money heist moscow

The original plutocrat pinch job, the Royal Mint of Spain, wouldn’t have succeeded without Moscow. A expert purloiner, Moscow( Paco Tous) spent much of his life in and out of captivity. His main gift is for digging through walls, so the Professor recruits him to be in charge of digging the lair out of the Royal Mint. Moscow’s main precedence in life is his son, Denver, and he got both of them involved in the pinch after Denver lost a precious store of capsules, putting him at threat of being mutilated or worse by his medicine suppliers. In plutocrat pinch season 2 it’s revealed that, after repeated attempts to get Denver’s mama off medicines by putting her in recovery conventions, Moscow took her to the spot where she generally bought heroin and abandoned her there. Moscow marks an earlier plutocrat pinch character death, as he is shot outside the Royal Mint in season 1 part 2.


money heist denver

Though he has plutocrat pinch’s most annoying laugh, Denver( Jaime Lorente) is also a largely likable character. He’d a rough launch in life, born to a medicine- addicted mama and a felonious father. Denver spent utmost of his nonage getting into fights with anyone who tried to mess with him, and as he entered majority he soon fell into the same felonious life as his parents. He was arrested on multitudinous occasions for fighting and medicine charges before he got in over his head by losing the store of capsules. Denver was brought into the Royal Mint pinch at Moscow’s request, as an exception to the Professor’s rule against particular attachments. In an indeed farther violation of the rule, Denver ends up falling in love with season 1 hostage, Mónica Gaztambide, who ultimately becomes a part of the crew for the ultimate half of season 1’s pinch and the duration of season 2 and 3’s.


money heist helsinki

Helsinki survives plutocrat pinch season 5 part 2’s ending. Though he is frequently affectionately called a” teddy bear,” Helsinki( Darko Perić) has a dark backstory that is little spoken about. Born in Serbia, he was a dogface in the Yugoslav Wars and has been described as a war miscreant. Following his time in the army, Helsinki turned to a life of crime along with other members of his family and was signed by the Professor for his combat chops. Helsinki is gay and had a relationship with Palermo during the medication for the Bank of Spain pinch, but his closest bond is his fellowship with Nairobi.


money heist oslo

Helsinki’s kinsman, Oslo( Roberto Garcia Ruiz), was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and fought alongside his kinsman in the wars. latterly, the two of them continued together in a life of crime alongside several other cohorts and cousins. Oslo primarily appears early in plutocrat pinch’s timeline. Oslo and Helsinki are veritably near, but Oslo’s knowledge of Spanish appears to be limited, meaning that Helsinki generally ends up speaking for the both of them. Oslo’s is plutocrat pinch’s first crew member death, coming at the end of season 1 part 1.


money heist stockholm

Named after Stockholm Syndrome, which some characters suspected that she may be suffering from, Stockholm( Esther Acebo) was the clerk and secret nut of the Royal Mint’s director, Arturo Román( Enrique Arce), and came pregnant with his child. During the first pinch in plutocrat pinch she tried to smuggle a phone for Arturo and was caught. Berlin ordered Denver to kill her, but he was unfit to do so, and he rather shot her in the leg to make it look like she would been killed. Stockholm ultimately came a collaborator in La Casa de Papel’s Royal Mint pinch and escaped with the rest of the gang. latterly, she and Denver got wedded and raised a son together, called Cincinnati. Along with the Professor and Rio, Stockholm and Denver survive plutocrat pinch season 5.


money heist lisbon

Raquel Murillo’s backstory details how she had escaped an vituperative marriage to her hubby, Alberto, a leading forensic monitor with the police who latterly began a relationship with Lisbon’s family. At that point, she reported him for the abuse and got a restraining order against him, but many on the police force believed her. Lisbon also lived with her mama , Mariví( Kiti Mánver), and her youthful son, Paula( Naia Guz). Like Stockholm, Lisbon( Itziar Ituño) did not start out on the stealers’ side of the hedge. She was the inspector who led the accommodations on the Royal Mint pinch, but eventually fell in love with the Professor and started a new life with him, joining the plutocrat pinch season 4 Bank of Spain plan as his abettor on the outside. She and the Professor both survive plutocrat pinch season 5 and end up together.


money heist palermo

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Palermo( Rodrigo de la Serna) manipulated the plan for plutocrat pinch’s Bank of Spain pinch alongside Berlin. A heated exchange with Gandía( José Manuel Poga) reveals that the pinch is particular for Palermo, as much of the Spanish reserves of gold were stolen from South America. Palermo was hopelessly in love with Berlin, who considered him a soulmate but declined to enter a romantic relationship with him, saying that he loved women too important and didn’t want to spoil their fellowship.


money heist bogota

Signed for plutocrat pinch’s Bank of Spain pinch due to his moxie in metallurgy, Bogotá( Hovik Keuchkerian) has supposedly had an active love life. He has seven children with different women each around the world and keeps prints of them with him, but only visits them roughly formerly every six months. He has a history with Berlin and Palermo, and met the Professor and Marseille at Berlin’s fifth marriage. He develops strong passions for Nairobi during the medication for the Bank of Spain pinch, which are originally not recompensed.


Frequently incorrect for a mute because he likes to keep quiet, Marseille( Luka Peroš) is a cool- headed driver who’s signed for the Bank of Spain pinch, working on the outside to manage dispatches between the Professor and the police. He is a crucial player despite being a newer member of plutocrat pinch’s red- jumpsuited gang. Marseille is a former dogface whose closest companion was a pet canine that stayed by his side throughout the war. After the war ended Marseille began to regularly drown his sorrows in a bar, with his canine staying faithfully outdoors- until one day it was killed by original children playing at war. Marseille refuses to harm creatures, to the extent that he’ll not indeed exercise surgery on a gormandizer corpse.

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