Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is a well- known football player who’s associated with the sport. He was born into a socially deprived ménage and began playing football at an early age. At 18, he was chosen for the transnational football team. Cristiano Ronaldo has come the most notorious footballer in the world in a veritably short period.

On the other hand, Cristiano has faced a lot in his life to get to this position. Read on to explore the colorful aspects of his life.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Portugal on February 5, 1985, to Jose Dinis Aveiro, who served as a horticulturist in the township. Ronaldo has a family and two sisters in addition to his parents, and he’s the oldest of his siblings. Eva Maria Dos Santos was his mama ‘s name, and she used to cook at other’s places.

Cristiano RonaldoJr., Ronaldo’s son, is the youthful of Ronaldo’s four children. still, Ronaldo has noway revealed the identity of his son’s mama . He dated Irina Shayk before 2015. ultimately, they broke up, and also post 2015, he began dating Georgina Rodriguez, who ultimately came his fiancée.

Ronaldo was born into a low- income family, and therefore, he didn’t admit training. Ronaldo is claimed to have thrown a president at one of his academy preceptors when he was 14 times old, for which he was dismissed from the academy. At the same time, Ronaldo has loved football since he was a youth and wanted to make a profession out of it, so he dropped out of academy in the middle of his studies. Ronaldo’s family backed him up in his choice to drop out of academy.

Cristiano Ronaldo Personal Life

Cristiano Ronaldo was named after one of the US former President Ronald Reagan by his father. Ronaldo was born into a family with a limited income source, and he also revealed in some conferences how he used to live in a small cabin with his other siblings, participating a small room with them.

When Ronaldo informed his family that he wanted to be a football player, his mama encouraged him to pursue his ambition. Ronaldo is now a fantastic football player due to his mama ‘s support.

Ronaldo made his debut for Sporting CP in the Primeira Liga against Moreirense on 7 October 2002. He scored a brace with Sporting winning 3- 0. He made 25 appearances and scored five pretensions for the club in the 2002- 03 season.

In a friendly match between Sporting and Manchester United in August 2003, Ronaldo contributed greatly to help the Portuguese club defeat United 3- 1. He impressed director Sir Alex Ferguson and other United players with his pace and dribbling chops.

Cristiano Ronaldo Career

Ronaldo inked with English club Manchester United in 2003 for a transfer figure of£12.24 million, getting the first Portuguese signing for United and the most precious teenager in English football history.

He made his debut on 16th August 2003 against Bolton rovers in the Premier League, when he came on as a cover for Nicky Butt. He entered a standing acclamation as United won 4- 0. On November 1 2003, Cristiano scored his first thing for the club with a free kick in a 3- 0 palm against Portsmouth.

Ronaldo stayed at United for six times, during which he won his first FIFA Ballon d’Or following a astral 2007- 08 season when he scored 42 pretensions from 49 appearances, winning the league title, the league mug, European Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup each in the same season.

He has scored 118 pretensions from 292 appearances for Manchester United.

Ronaldo joined Spanish titans Real Madrid in the2009/10 season in a also world record transfer figure of£ 80 million. He was given the number 9 jersey and made his La Liga debut on 29 August 2009, against Deportivo La Coruna. Madrid won 3 – 2 and Ronaldo converted a penalty. He kept up his form and scored in four successive matches.

Indeed though Madrid failed to win any jewel during the2009/10 season, Ronaldo scored 33 pretensions from 35 appearances and finished second in the FIFA World Footballer of the Time. After entering the number 7 jersey from Raul before the2010/11 season, Ronaldo scored a particular stylish of 53 pretensions from 54 appearances, winning the European Golden Shoe for a alternate time.

The coming season Ronaldo broke his once record, scoring 60 pretensions. His domestic performances saw Madrid winning the la liga with a record 100 points after four times. He scored 46 pretensions in the league, scoring against all the other 19 brigades throughout the season.

The 2012- 13 season saw Ronaldo on the thing trail again, scoring 55 pretensions from 55 appearances. He won the Spanish Super Cup, and finished as runner up to lionel messi for the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

The 2013- 14 season was an important bone
for Ronaldo as well as Madrid, when they won the European Cup for the tenth time( la decima).

Ronaldo scored 69 pretensions from 59 appearances, his career stylish. His transnational performance was emotional as well, with chapeau- tricks against ireland and sweden.

His performances led him to win the FIFA Ballon d’Or jewel for the alternate time. His 17 pretensions in the titleholders League made him top arranger for the third successive time, and he won the UEFA Best Player Award.

In the season of 2014- 15, Ronaldo won the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup, scoring a career stylish aggregate of 61 pretensions from 54 appearances. He also won the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the third time. He finished the titleholders League with 10 pretensions, participated with Barcelona brace Messi and Neymar. He also won the Pichichi jewel and UEFA Best Player in Europe award for a alternate time.

Real Madrid won the titleholders league for the 11th time during the 2015- 16 season, completing La Undecima, with Ronaldo getting the each- time top arranger of the competition.

He came the all time top arranger for Real Madrid in the same time, finishing the season with 51 pretensions from 48 appearances.

In the summer of 2018, Ronaldo left Real Madrid to subscribe for Italian titans Juventus. After spending three times at Italy, The Portuguese icon returned back to Old Trafford last season and the whole suckers were in an rapturous mode.


SeasonTeamApps (Subs)Goals (P)AssistsYellowsRedsMin Played
World Cup 2022Portugal5 (2)1 (1)00 (0)0290
Premier League 22/23Man Utd10 (6)1 (0)02 (0)0520
UEFA Europa League 22/23Man Utd6 (0)2 (1)21 (0)0531
UEFA Nations League 22/23Portugal5 (1)2 (0)11 (0)0388
Premier League 21/22Man Utd30 (3)18 (3)38 (0)02460
WC Qualification, UEFA 2022Portugal9 (0)6 (2)02 (0)0810
UEFA Champions League 21/22Man Utd7 (0)6 (0)01 (0)0612
FA Cup 21/22Man Utd1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0120
Serie A 21/22Juventus1 (1)0 (0)01 (0)030
Euro Cup 2020Portugal4 (0)5 (3)10 (0)0360
Serie A 20/21Juventus33 (2)29 (6)23 (0)02803
Coppa Italia 20/21Juventus4 (1)2 (1)01 (0)0288
UEFA Champions League 20/21Juventus6 (0)4 (2)20 (0)0570
Supercoppa 2020Juventus1 (0)1 (0)01 (0)090
UEFA Nations League 20/21Portugal4 (0)2 (0)01 (0)0351
UEFA Champions League 19/20Juventus8 (0)4 (1)00 (0)0711
Serie A 19/20Juventus33 (0)31 (12)53 (0)02919
Coppa Italia 19/20Juventus4 (0)2 (1)00 (0)0360
Super Cup 2019Juventus1 (0)0 (0)00 (0)090
European Championship 2021, QualificationPortugal8 (0)11 (3)00 (0)0642
Int. Champions Cup 2019Juventus3 (0)2 (0)00 (0)0224
UEFA Nations League 18/19Portugal2 (0)3 (0)00 (0)0180
Serie A 18/19Juventus31 (1)21 (5)73 (0)02689
UEFA Champions League 18/19Juventus9 (0)6 (1)21 (0)1749
Coppa Italia 18/19Juventus2 (1)0 (0)00 (0)0118
Super Cup 2018Juventus1 (0)1 (0)00 (0)090
World Cup 2018Portugal4 (0)4 (1)02 (0)0360
UEFA Champions League 17/18Real Madrid13 (0)15 (4)22 (0)01170
LaLiga 17/18Real Madrid27 (0)26 (3)51 (0)02297
FIFA Club World Cup 2017Real Madrid2 (0)2 (0)00 (0)0180
World Cup 2018, Qualification, UEFAPortugal9 (1)15 (2)01 (0)0764
Super Cup 2017Real Madrid1 (1)1 (0)00 (1)024
UEFA Super Cup 2017Real Madrid1 (1)0 (0)00 (0)07
Confederations Cup 2017Portugal4 (0)2 (1)10 (0)0367
UEFA Champions League 16/17Real Madrid13 (0)12 (0)51 (0)01200
LaLiga 16/17Real Madrid29 (0)25 (6)54 (0)02544
Copa del Rey 16/17Real Madrid2 (0)1 (0)00 (0)0180
FIFA Club World Cup 2016Real Madrid2 (0)4 (1)00 (0)0202
European Championship 2016Portugal7 (0)3 (0)21 (0)0625
UEFA Champions League 15/16Real Madrid12 (0)16 (2)41 (0)01109
Primera Division 15/16Real Madrid36 (0)35 (6)103 (0)03185
European Ch.ship QF 2016Portugal6 (0)5 (1)01 (0)0540
Int. Champions Cup 2015Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0111
Primera Division 14/15Real Madrid35 (0)48 (10)134 (0)13099
Champions League 14/15Real Madrid12 (0)10 (3)31 (0)01065
Copa del Rey 14/15Real Madrid2 (1)1 (0)00 (0)0117
FIFA Club World Cup 2014Real Madrid2 (0)0 (0)20 (0)0180
Super Cup 2014Real Madrid2 (1)0 (0)01 (0)090
UEFA Super Cup 2014Real Madrid1 (0)2 (0)00 (0)090
World Cup 2014Portugal3 (0)1 (0)10 (0)0270
Champions League 13/14Real Madrid11 (0)17 (2)21 (0)0993
Primera Division 13/14Real Madrid30 (0)31 (6)104 (0)12537
Copa del Rey 13/14Real Madrid6 (0)3 (2)02 (0)0496
World Cup Qualification 2014, Europe (UEFA)Portugal10 (0)8 (0)05 (0)0900
International Champions Cup 2013Real Madrid0 (0)3 (0)00 (0)00
Copa del Rey 12/13Real Madrid7 (0)7 (1)03 (0)1655
Primera Division 12/13Real Madrid34 (4)34 (6)109 (0)02717
Champions League 12/13Real Madrid12 (0)12 (0)11 (0)01080
Super Cup 2012Real Madrid2 (0)2 (0)00 (0)0180
European Championship 2012Portugal5 (0)3 (0)01 (0)0480
Primera Division 11/12Real Madrid38 (1)46 (12)124 (0)03351
Champions League 11/12Real Madrid10 (0)10 (2)31 (0)0900
Copa del Rey 11/12Real Madrid5 (0)3 (0)01 (0)0437
Euro Cup 2012, QualificationPortugal8 (0)7 (1)01 (0)0720
Super Cup 2011Real Madrid2 (0)1 (0)01 (0)0180
Liga BBVA 10/11Real Madrid34 (2)40 (8)103 (0)02913
Champions League 10/11Real Madrid12 (0)6 (1)42 (0)01021
Copa del Rey 10/11Real Madrid8 (1)7 (0)03 (0)0683
World Cup 2010Portugal4 (0)1 (0)11 (0)0360
Liga BBVA 09/10Real Madrid29 (1)26 (4)93 (1)12470
Champions League 09/10Real Madrid6 (1)7 (0)00 (0)0450
World Cup Qualification 2010, Europe (UEFA)Portugal7 (0)0 (0)00 (0)0567
Champions League 08/09Man Utd12 (1)4 (0)32 (0)01010
Premier League 08/09Man Utd33 (2)18 (4)65 (1)02750
Carling Cup 08/09Man Utd1 (0)1 (0)01 (0)0120
FA Cup 08/09Man Utd0 (0)1 (0)00 (0)00
FIFA Club World Cup 2008Man Utd0 (0)1 (0)00 (0)00
Euro Cup 2008Portugal3 (0)1 (0)20 (0)0270
Champions League 07/08Man Utd11 (0)8 (1)02 (0)01017
Premier League 07/08Man Utd34 (3)31 (4)05 (0)12747
FA Cup 07/08Man Utd0 (0)3 (1)00 (0)00
Euro Cup 2008, QualificationPortugal9 (0)5 (0)02 (0)0798
Premier League 06/07Man Utd34 (3)17 (3)02 (0)00
Champions League 06/07Man Utd11 (0)3 (0)03 (0)00
World Cup 2006Portugal6 (0)1 (1)01 (0)00
Premier League 05/06Man Utd32 (8)9 (0)08 (0)10
Champions League 05/06Man Utd6 (0)0 (0)01 (0)00
World Cup Qualification 2006, EuropePortugal4 (0)0 (0)01 (0)00
Premier League 04/05Man Utd1 (1)1 (0)00 (0)00

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